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4303 N. Pleasant View · Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601
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14990 E. Pine · Tulsa, Oklahoma 74116
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"As a Facilities Director for the Ponca City Public Schools, it is important to me that I work with contractors that take pride in their work as well as in their community. Rick Scott Construction Company is a company that not only takes pride in their work and community, but will invest their resources and personnel in the successful growth of the city and school system. Our children are our future, and the school system needs to be able to dedicate its resources in educating, the best way possible, those students in which we are entrusted. Rick Scott Construction Company, time and time again, will bend over backwards to assist the school district in saving money and effort with our construction projects. This allows us to focus our efforts and tax dollars to the classroom. Rick Scott personally puts his construction knowledge to work to help the school district get the biggest bang for our buck with ideas that might even loose him money, but will be the best thing for the school district he serves.
I know that I can count on Rick Scott Construction, with its qualified and competent staff, to assist me in any large or small project. Rick Scott, as any good leader will do, surrounds himself with good employees, and Rick is no exception. He believes that his employees are a direct reflection on him and his company, and his staff believes in that ideology. I have always been thoroughly satisfied with the work displayed, and the attention to detail that Rick Scott Construction Company gives us with every project. I would recommend them in a heartbeat for any work requiring their skills, and have on many occasions."

Bret Smith
Facilities Director & Risk Manager
Ponca City Public Schools


"Everyone knows that teamwork is essential to success. Rick Scott Construction is a team player.  Throughout the construction of a 77,365 sf elementary school, Rick Scott Construction was an activist for Blackwell Public Schools. Rick Scott Construction was more than a general contractor; Rick Scott Construction represented the interests of Blackwell Public Schools serving as its advocate throughout planning meetings with city officials and the State Fire Marshall. 

Trust is the foundation of any working relationship. There is no substitute for honesty and integrity. Rick Scott Construction sets high standards, they keep their word.  They know how to roll up their sleeves and get the work done. Needless to say, the working relationship established between Blackwell Public Schools and Rick Scott Construction has grown to a long term affiliation built on trust and quality work. 

The new elementary school has been in use for two years now, and still, if Blackwell Schools has a need in any area, we call Rick Scott Construction."

Lesa Ward,
Blackwell Public Schools


"It was a pleasure to work with the Rick Scott Construction Company on our dream project creating a beautiful new Conference Center/Ballroom in the historic Coleman Complex. The management and staff of this company was exceptionally supportive and cooperative, helping us to achieve our goals of an upscale project second to none! We feel as if we have not only worked together for a great achievement, but have found new friends and supporters."

Barbara Smith
Executive Director
Coleman Theatre Complex

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