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Rick Scott Construction Inc. has been providing design-build services since 2000 and, to benefit our clients, we consider several factors before construction begins. We will:

  • Be the single source for your design and construction
  • Help identify the clients goals, priorities, budget and timeline
  • Choose the right Architect for the project
  • Develop budgets and schedules based on preliminary information
  • Refine budgets and schedules as design work progresses
  • Maintain budgets and schedules by identifying and evaluating alternative construction means and materials
  • Develop subcontractor and vendor interest in the project and breakdown bid packages to ensure competitive pricing

Determining the needs and wants of our client is crucial to a project’s success and at Rick Scott Construction we work with the client and architect to optimize resources and establish clear goals. Doing so in advance means minimal changes in the course of construction.

Active cost analysis helps reduce overall project costs; our efforts in this area help establish a preliminary project budget. During the design phase, multiple design options can be priced, letting clients determine the best fit for their needs. This gives our client a genuine sense of ownership and control over the building design and cost. Analyzing costs before construction begins is another way to minimize changes during the project.

Identifying client needs during the design phase helps us establish an acceptable time frame for project construction and completion. Once established, Rick Scott Construction monitors and reviews the progress of the project schedule and adjusts upcoming construction phases to optimize use of resources. Rick Scott Construction uses the Critical Path Method of scheduling to predict and prevent scheduling conflicts and delays.

As your design-build contractor, Rick Scott Construction will work with you to create the most beneficial bid packages that incorporates all construction documents. Creating multiple bid packages provides you with a Guaranteed Maximum Price, plus it allows the project to be awarded a portion at a time and lets construction begin before final construction drawings are developed.

Rick Scott Construction will serve as the General Contractor to the project once all bid packages are awarded and construction begins.

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